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Miroslav Pauza, PhD. †

Miroslav Pauza was a research fellow at the former Centre of Global Studies at the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. His long-term focus was on Czech political philosophy in the European and world context, especially the work of T. G. Masaryk and Josef Ludvík Fischer. He was one of the greatest experts of these authors.

His opus magnum is a book The Idea of ​​Structural Democracy. Political philosophy based on the principle of respect for the Order of Reality. (Prague, Philosophy, 2019, 849 pages). The book focuses on the discourse on democracy in the 20th century, especially on the idea of ​​structural democracy in terms of political philosophy. Its main motive is a comparison of two systems: the political conception of T. G. Masaryk and the social and political conception of the founder of the Czech functionalist structural philosophy Josef Ludvík Fischer. This comparison is explained in the context of Czech and world philosophical and political concepts, literary criticism and literature.